Body, Mind and Soul

National Park is good for the body, mind and soul

National Parks inspire.  It floods the senses, exercises the muscles, expands the mind, and enriches the soul.


Driving into the park, the scenery gets more beautiful and all of the sudden, you come upon a grand vista that is simply a visual feast.  You pull over and get out to get a closer look and see a city of hoodoos at Bryce or the snow capped peaks at Grand Teton,  smell the cave at Mammoth Cave or the sulfur at Yellowstone,  hear the call of the birds at Congaree or the roaring waterfall at Yosemite,  taste the salt in the air at Death Valley or the fruits at Capitol Reef, feel the texture of the fine sand at Great Sand Dunes or the thorns of the cactus at Joshua Tree.  All the senses are engaged.

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It’s time to explore further on a hike.  The physical exertion and clean air is good for the body.   There is always a reward at the end of the hike.  They don’t have to be 20 mile multiple day back country hikes.  Many hikes of 3 or 4 miles reward you with the most interesting sights.  Staying in shape in preparation between trips keeps the body strong.

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As you hike through the woods or around the majestic cliffs, your mind is naturally relaxed. In these days of constant distraction from technology, being in a beautiful setting, away from cell phone coverage, gives you the space to think, to contemplate, and to reflect. National Parks provide such settings for inspiration better than most anywhere. Grand thoughts, inspiration and ideas germinate. While hiking, good, deeper conversations often occur with your travel mates.


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Wandering around the stunning scenery makes you think about God’s creations. Although there are scientific explanations for much of what we see, you can’t help but wonder about the spiritual, about God’s hand in these wondrous creations. Somehow, the environment recharges the soul drained by daily life.

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Each night, feeling tired but rejuvenated, you can’t help but feel happy in the
midst of the most beautiful scenery on earth.b91f3-happy2bface Body, Mind and Soul

Have you had the same experiences when visiting a National Park?  Do you get inspired?  Do you appreciate God more?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Click on the Follow link and get an email when new postings are available.  I will not share your email so no worries.


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  1. I really love all the imaginary and description you wrote into this post. I really got the sense that I was really alongside you in the parks

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