Channel Islands National Park: More Water Than Land

The sun rose on yet another sunny Southern California morning as we drive from the huge metropolis of Los Angeles towards Oxnard. The urban landscape and traffic melts away as farmland begins to dominate. Soon, the smell of salt water waffles through the window as we leave the highway. We turn into the harbor where large vessels intermix with small sailboats and sea lions sunning themselves on the docks. The sea is calm and the temperature is a perfect 70 degrees. Looks like a glorious day for a boat ride.

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Mammoth Cave National Park: Year-Round Air Conditioning

The dark clouds are above us as we approached the Mammoth Cave visitor center. The threat of rain is hovering over us but fear not – Most of this park is indoors, and naturally air-conditioned!

Fortunately, we did our research ahead and booked the tour before we got there. Nearly all tours were booked for the morning with only a few left in the afternoon. While it was a warm summer day, most visitors carried a sweatshirt with them. It will be important in a few minutes.

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